Wednesday, April 7, 2021

5 Things You Never Knew You Could Get Delivered

 There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that people’s shopping habits have been thrown into disarray. Many people have had to buy more products and services online due to non-essential retailers closing during lockdowns.

The current lockdown restrictions are lifting, with people able to get a pint and a haircut soon (and possibly a pint to celebrate having a haircut after four months!). But, some folks might be apprehensive about visiting retailers packed with customers.

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And, for some people, they might need to stay home and shield if they’re easily susceptible to COVID-19 due to pre-existing medical conditions. With that in mind, those individuals will continue to buy stuff remotely and have their orders sent to them by courier or post.

You may already know that you can have all kinds of stuff delivered to your home, from takeaways and groceries to furniture and electronics. However, did you know certain items can get delivered, which you never thought would have been possible?

Take a look at these five examples to find out more:

1. Medicine

Let’s face it: when you’re at home and are unwell, the last thing you want to do is trek to the shops and get some over-the-counter medicine, or visit your GP’s surgery and wait with other sick and injured people in a waiting room for ages.

These days, it’s possible to get prescriptions, and other medical supplies delivered straight to your door. Providers like Simple Online Pharmacy can receive your prescription direct from your GP, process it, and have it delivered to your home.

As you can imagine, it’s an excellent solution for people that are shielding from COVID-19 at home or perhaps don’t want to leave their homes if they feel anxious over the whole situation.

2. Food Essentials

You might already know that you can get your groceries delivered to you from the major supermarkets. Plus, you’ve probably used something like Uber Eats to have some takeaway food delivered for those evenings when you want to take the night off from cooking.

But, what happens if you only want to have a few food essentials delivered to your home between now and your next big grocery shop? If you tried to order a few items from somewhere like Tesco or Sainsbury’s, you’d get charged a hefty “small order” fee.

The good news is that you can now get small food parcels delivered to your home without paying sneaky surcharges because you only need some bread, milk, and toilet rolls! Such services are usually available from takeaway delivery services like Deliveroo.

3. Plants

The delivery of flowers to people at their homes or places of work is nothing new. Companies like Interflora have been doing that sort of thing for many years. However, did you know that you can now get plants delivered from your favourite local garden centres?

As you know, some plants are quite fragile, and if you sent a plant to someone using a standard courier service, your plant is unlikely to survive the journey. These days, there are specialist couriers that only deliver plants to addresses across the country.

What’s more, many local garden centres and nurseries may offer to deliver items locally themselves for free or for a small fee.

4. Laundry

There might come a time where your washing machine decides it no longer wants to function as expected. Whether you get it repaired or you buy a new washing machine, one thing’s for sure: your dirty laundry will pile up while you wait for a repair or replacement!

You do have a few options. For example, you could ask your parents or other relatives to wash your clothes for you. Or, you could head down to your local laundrette. The thing is, neither of those options is particularly appealing and can mean downtime while you wait.

A third and more practical option is to have your laundry collected, professionally washed and pressed, and then delivered back to you. You won’t find it hard to find a laundrette or dry cleaner that offers collection and delivery, often on the same day and for no extra charge.

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5. Cars

When it comes to buying cars, there was once a time where you’d have to visit a showroom, discuss your requirements with a salesperson, and then choose the right model for your needs.

The whole process would usually mean you’d need to make a few trips to the dealership and get a lift on your last trip so you can drive your new car home. However, this is the age of convenience, and you can now do it all online and have your new vehicle delivered to you.

As you can imagine, it’s perfect for buying a car during the pandemic as the whole experience is virtually contactless.


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