Wednesday, April 28, 2021

If you are a gamer, you'd know how hard it is to find a Clash Royale buddy for a date. I used to love gaming (even though I don't have much time for it anymore with my work) but when I was single, I wanted to find someone who gamed just as much as me. I loved playing games, and just wanted a boyfriend who would sit with me and chill, doing nothing but game. After all, what is better than to go out with a person who can share your favourite games with you? 

For those who are want to find out about gamers dating, do read on. Dating people who love gaming has its benefits too, after all games are what brings people closer together. Here are the reasons why! 

First, couples who game together stay together. Relationships are built upon shared interests and mutual activities. Without these, a couple will have a difficult time staying together or having something to talk about. We all know that gaming brings people closer together, as people work together to come up with various ways to win the competition, work together to achieve a common goal and come up with strategies to beat the other teams in the games. Gaming together is such a great way to bond with someone over something adrenaline-pumping and fun. 

Second, you can learn about each other's communication styles. Gaming is fantastic because it involves you two working something out together, or playing against each other. You can tell a lot about another person through how they play games and communicate. Some games such as poker or big two involve getting a big team together and playing against each other. If you want to work with your partner as a team, you have to communicate effectively. Essentially, gaming is a test for your relationship as it shows you how well the other person is able to communicate their thoughts and actions to you in a clear and coherent way. Gaming together can also test your compatibility as a couple as you can see how the other person handles disagreements and problems. 

Third, gaming gets the adrenaline pumping. Did you know that couples who go to a theme park together report falling in love more deeply? This is because your body produces adrenaline which mimics the feeling of falling in love. Gaming together can enhance your feelings of closeness and intimacy, so it is perfect for spicing up an old relationship or fuelling the fire for a new relationship. If you want to spice up your date's mood, make sure to find an exciting game that gets the heart racing and blood pumping! 

Overall, you can find some of the best Gamers dates ideas online and there is always something for you to do together. If you are a non-gamer, you should also try out gaming for the benefits mentioned above. If you are a gamer, you should definitely try some of the dating ideas that I suggested. I hope you liked this post! 

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