Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Unusual Date Ideas For The First Date

If you are new to local online dating sites such as Merseyside Dating Site and have been stuck on what to do with your new date for a while, fear not. This article has got you covered! Dating is always hard whether it be from dating sites or in real life. Dating does not have to be awkward or hard at all, if you find the right thing to do. The pressure is definitely real, however, to find the best thing to do together the first time you meet. Here are a few ideas for the first date that will make you stand out from the crowd.

First, go to a pub quiz! What's more fun than to join a pressure-free competitive game in the pub? Pub quizzes are super exciting and fun, and you get to see your partner's reaction to challenging questions, tough questions and downright absurd factual scenarios. Maybe you'll enjoy how they are a trivia queen and win all of the rounds! A pub quiz is a great way to build some spark and enjoy some teamwork with your first date, and get to know them a bit more outside of the normal "dinner and drinks" scene. 

Second, try watching an outdoor movie. This is a great idea because it's romantic and extremely fun to do. Movies are always better when they are enjoyed outdoors, and this is a new spin on the classic movie date which will make you stand out from the crowd. You can always grab dinner afterwards to wrap up the evening. 

Third, create your own picnic in the park. The park is a lovely place to have a first date as it is simple and safe. Having a picnic adds another layer of fun because you get to impress your date with your homemade cakes and food (if you are a good cook) and also have lots of intimate conversation over cake. What is not to love? Picnics are fun and adorable, and you can discuss everything under the sun. 

Fourth, take a music lesson together. If you are both into trying something new, why not take a music class together? Trying something new is a great way to learn more about each other and get those endorphins running. If your partner is interested, you can book the piano room at the local music shop and play away. Music bonds people like no spoken words can. This idea is sure to impress your date. 

Lastly, bake a cake together. Cooking together is great, but making a cake is another level. Almost everyone loves cakes, and making something together is a great idea to bond. Dessert is always a sweet way to start a courtship, and this cooking experience is sure to leave a sweet taste in your date's mouth (and heart). 

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