Friday, April 9, 2021

Space-Saving Ideas We Take For Granted

Saving space seems to be one of the main things everyone is keen to do at home. For whatever reason, we live in a world where we've all got a lot of stuff. Well, if we want to take a deep dive into the situation, it probably has more to do with the cost of living rising year after year. As such, it's harder to afford spacious homes - but that's a discussion for another day!

Instead, let's focus on ways you can save space in your home. However, today's post will have a slight twist on it. As you can tell by the title, we're looking at a few space-saving ideas that are typically taken for granted. This means we don't usually think about how useful they are, so they deserve a shout-out. On that note, let's get started:

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Bunk Beds

Do you remember having one of these as a child? They were super cool, but did you ever stop and think about how much space they saved?! If you have kids, you can save so much floor space with some bunk beds. Theoretically, with things like the triple beds at Cuckooland, you could get a bed for three children, but take up as much of the floor as one bed would. Even as an adult, there are some uses for bunk beds. You can get ones with desks built underneath the bed, saving space in your room yet again.

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Again, shelves are really taken for granted as you don't appreciate how much space they save. Normally, you look at them as a place to put decorations. However, you can keep so many things on shelves - books, kids' toys, gadgets, etc. Plus, you can build shelves into any room in your house - perhaps add one to the corner of your shower, and you suddenly have a place to keep shampoo and shower gel. Even the shelves inside a cabinet get taken for granted at times! If you don't have any in there, you can add one or two and instantly double or triple the capacity of that cabinet. This will allow you to move more things off the counter and into the cabinet, saving a huge amount of space. 

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Yes, sofas can be classed as space-saving ideas! Granted, they take up a lot of space, but they also give you opportunities to declutter and hide things. Getting some sliding drawers or thin plastic storage boxes is a brilliant idea as you can hide them under your sofa. Here, you could keep loads of different things - like DVDs, games, books, and so on. They're hidden from view, but you can easily pull out the drawer or box if you need them. 

If you want to save space in and around your home, you need to start taking advantage of great ideas like these. Think about bunk beds to save floor space in different bedrooms. Create some shelves in every room in your house, or add them to cabinets and wardrobes. Finally, don't forget about the humble sofa - use the space underneath it to your advantage. 


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