Tuesday, April 20, 2021

5 ways to make a visual impact with interior design

How do you make your interiors stand out from the endless other homes on Instagram or Pinterest? How do you even set up your room decor to make things look great? Fear not, for things are not as hard as they seem. We have got a few ideas that you can implement to make your designs stand out and impress. 

First, stick to matching or complimentary colors- and not too much of them! This is an important tip that works well with virtually all types of interior spaces, whether it be your bedroom, kitchen, living room, garage or basement. The key to making a space look good is actually to choose your colors wisely. Some colors such as neutrals and beige earth tones go well together. It is almost as though they fit naturally like a puzzle piece, and the result of combining these colors is that the space looks naturally beautiful. There's zero extra effort required. Colors can be complimentary or contrasting, and the key is not to use too many. The general rule of thumb is around 3-4 colors for each space, and make sure they are consistent! 

Second, use curves and arches. Soft curves add depth to the space of any interior layout, and one of the best known secrets for architectural design is to add lines and shapes in the mix. I love how bedrooms sometimes feature curved edges instead of the normal rectangular outlines, as they make the room stand out. Curves and arches can also be implemented on the walls, shelves or cabinets. Wherever works! 

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Third, decorate the walls! Wall art is one of the best ways to spice up your walls. You can find a fancy fonts website here which allows you to download cool fonts and add them to your design software to create the perfect wall art or poster. This great font site is so cool and I love downloading funky fonts to add to my word processing softwares, and printing my own prints from Etsy or whatnot. I think wall decor should be customised to your own taste and personality which means that guests will be impressed if they ever see how hard you worked making your walls look nice. 

Fourth, let natural light in. Natural light is always better than artificial light for nothing screams "home" than a ray of sunlight during a lazy Sunday afternoon. The natural light also makes your room look bigger, bolder and brighter. If you have windows, make sure you do not cover them up and let them shine as much as possible. You can even try to add plants to your windowsills! 

Fifth, add more textures to the space! Textures are what makes a room instagrammable and aesthetic, as compared to a boring flat surface. Textures can be added through furniture, accessories and flooring. For example, I like to buy textured chunky knit blankets to add depth to my bedroom, and these blankets look amazing on their own too. I like adding leather and hard materials to contrast the softness of my bedroom, and these contrasting textures actually makes the room more photogenic! 

Hope you like these tips! 


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