Saturday, April 17, 2021

FemmeLuxe Loungewear Haul

 I recently got a few items from their shop, and want to do a little blog review for the items. The first thing that I got was this grey co-ord set which was beautiful, soft and absolutely gorgeous! Take a look below at what I got recently! Femmeluxe is an awesome brand that sells grey loungewear, co-ords and beautiful UK-made sweaters. 

I got this jumper because it's in a beautiful shade of grey which matches well with pretty much anything- I love pairing it with jeans, sandals and a cute bag, but it would go equally well with a skirt and a pair of heels. The best thing about this brand's designs is that they're versatile and flexible, and matches with everything in my wardrobe.

Grey is a versatile colour because you can wear it to work and casual events, without everyone giving you strange looks. The quality and fit of this top and pants are once again amazing. They fit perfectly and tapers really nicely at the calves, giving any girl a slimmer and stylish look. I think for women's clothes, fit is most important, so I'm so happy that all of their pieces are tailored to fit a woman's body. I think every woman should own a pair of grey trousers and this pair from this lovely brand really captures that sophisticated, styled look!

In terms of the quality and design, what makes these pants unique is that they actually have an elastic waist on the inside which can be adjusted and made to fit your waist. This makes the pants much more versatile and flexible, as it can be worn for years to come. I also love the knitted details at the front which gives the pants an extra elegant look.

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These items are made in the UK and they're absolutely wonderful. The fabric is soft, cozy and of the highest quality. Everything's perfectly ready for wear and I'm so excited to wear this piece out! It's the perfect loungewear!

I chose to pair it with my white jacket and white trainers, for an "all-white" glamorous look. I wanted to show you the versatility of a loungewear sweater. This brand's designs are all timeless, chic and elegant, and can pair well with anything in your wardrobe. I reckon this sweater would also look great with jeans and heels, or a leather jacket and a messy bun.

In sum, FemmeLuxe has a beautiful range of knitted sets and sweaters, and they come in lovely colors such as pink, pastel green, yellow, red and grey. They also stock many other types of luxe chic items, such as jackets, trousers and more which make up their luxurious collection. I particularly love their knitted sweater collection as all the designs are feminine and light, and looks gorgeous and exquisite. Overall, I'm super impressed with their sweaters and I'd highly recommend trying some of these clothing when you want to treat yourself. 


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