About ◕‿◕

The name's  Flo. I'm  24 years old, slightly eccentric and strange girl living in the little city in the UK.

I'm currently at university, but these few years I'll be wandering in and out of  places, traveling and doing all sorts of things. I'm still sorting out what to do with my future and my LIFE!

I started this blog because I need a place to gather my many photos (results from web-camera self shots) and gather my thoughts and words. Plus I'm crazy about clothes and shoes, and would love to be an aspiring fashionista as well as a normal blogger. This is my personal little space online, and I'll fill it with goodness, cuteness and neatness (I'm a neat freak inside, not out).

That's my hair - it's a messy pile of black. I'm trying to grow it and haven't really cut it for 2 years now (before it was a really short crop, I looked like a boy). My hair describes my personality: messy, random, rather moody, showy, big and always unpredictable. Friends also say I'm talkative and funny, and I like to do random accents.

I also have a love for indie music, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and various little animals. I keep pet snails, fish, hamsters and a puppy who's 11 years old. He's the sweetest thing ever.... I also love my macbook pro, iphone and big nerdy glasses, things I can't live without. I am a self confessed glasses addict and shopaholic.

I'm also a LIBRA and am born in October. I believe in star signs, cheesy grins, angels, ghosts and dreams... and the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow ...

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