Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Quirky Online Date Ideas

If you are from England, you've heard about online dating sites such as this Kent dating site. They are local to the area and allows you to meet the special someone through an online platform that connects like-minded singletons together. Talk about convenience! Anyways, I want to give you a few quirky cute online date ideas that can spark joy and add flair to your online dating life. 

First, you can try video calling and seeing each other instead of merely texting! These days, so many online dating platforms and apps allow for video calling. It can be strange to video call a complete stranger but actually the opportunity cost is less. If you do not like them, you can always cut your losses and end the call early instead of having to wait it out like you normally do on dates in real life. The video calls also helps you decide whether you want a second date or not, and it's a pretty stress-free way of meeting new friends. You can also communicate sending voice messages. Voice messages are great for people who do not like texting and want to assess compatibility before they meet. Voice messages can be short and sweet, and you can always keep each other in the loop through cute little texts each day. 

Second, try cooking online together! I love this idea because it involves two things- food and laughter. You can try a recipe together or follow a YouTube video and cook together, at the same time over video call. This works well as you can see if your partner reacts to unexpected challenges well. The end result is also delicious and yummy. You can sit down together and have a chat after you're done being master chefs! 

Third, play a game together. I love challenging online dates to a game of scrabble or Pictionary, and there are so many sites that offer free virtual platforms for gaming together. You can learn more about each other's personalities as well as enjoy a fun online session. The competition might even ignite sparks that you did not know was there! If you are feeling a little cheeky you can always play drinking games such as truth or dare or never have I ever. These games are a little bit naughty but lots of fun, plus you can get the sparks going! 

Lastly, take the other person on a house tour. You can show them your room, kitchen, anything you like and get to know each other more. This is one of the funnest ways to bond over how awful your furniture looks or how messy your room is. Otherwise, it gives a great insight into the other person's real self. 

If you're hesitant about trying match dating do not fear, for there are so many options out there in terms of available people and date ideas. If you are ever stuck and scared of online dating, try some of the tips mentioned.

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