Awards ✿

Thanks Gretch from GretchTM for awarding me the Sunshine Award, April 2011 (:

Hugs to fash-un-nee-stah for the One Lovely Blog Award, April 2011 ! 

Awesomeness is Gretch from GretchTM - thank you for awarding me the Blogger Luxury Award!  

A big thanks to Madeline from Cappuchino and Fashion for the Best Blog Award, June 2011 .

 Aul from Aul And The home for 4 awards: Different Blogger, One Lovely Blog Award, Supportive Blogger, Awesome Award ! 

Tiff from Tiffiefum Invasian for 6 awards: Butterfly Award, Kreativ Blogger, One Lovely Blog Award, Top 10 Award, Stylish Blogger, The Versatile Blogger Award! 

Yay to Madeline from Cappuchino and Fashion for the Best Blog Award and One Lovely Blog Award, July 2011 .

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