Testimonials/ Work With Me

I am very passionate and committed to sharing the best brands with my readers and audiences across the world. I've come across so many great brands that offer some of the most interesting products, and yet so few people know about them. That is why the purpose of this blog is to educate and provide honest reviews about all that I come across.

I've been humbled to be able to work with 500+ brands since the inception of this blog.  I have built a great relationship with my audiences throughout my 14 years of blogging. 

My site gets around 500,000 visitors a month and has a Domain Authority of 55

I have partnered with big brands in a variety of industries including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and health/fitness

I have developed a longstanding working relationship with numerous brands to promote their products, which has resulted in repeated collaborations and sponsorship. 

With over 2000+ posts in this blog, it is impossible to feature it all. So I have compiled a list of the biggest brands that I have worked with. 

Fashion/ Jewellery:
Working with local brands

I love small businesses and am a huge supporter of startup brands. As well as famous brands, I've also partnered with 100+ smaller, local brands from Etsy and other small businesses as it brings me great joy to watch small brands grow. 

These have included local cake shops, restaurants, furniture shops and clothing brands with sustainable ethical missions. Some examples are found below. 

Etsy brands: 

Local brands: 


Article writing work

This blog has a powerful Domain Authority of 55. It means the reviews are anchored forever on the Google search engine and are accessed by people all over the world. With a Page Rank of 3, this blog contains a lot of backlinks from other blogs and is well-connected on social channels. 

For all partnership and collaboration inquiries, please contact fantailflo@gmail.com