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The Best Pillows and Quilts You Can Get in Hong Kong- Re Pillow Co Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying out some products from Re Pillow Co, a Hong Kong-based company that specializes in beautifully designed pillows and quilts made for our unique weather. Hong Kong brands are hard to come by, especially those that manufacture their products locally. This makes Re Pillow Co particularly special, as their pillows are made entirely in Hong Kong in their own production facility. 

Hong Kong's unique climate, characterized by high humidity and heat, presents a lot of challenges for comfortable sleep (something I truly lack!). The high humidity levels can make traditional bedding feel damp and uncomfortable, while the heat necessitates constant air conditioning. The founder Ryan created Re Pillow Co and has designed their products with these specific conditions in mind. Their pillows and quilts are tailored to provide comfort and breathability, essential for a good night's sleep in this environment.

As someone who suffers from insomnia, finding the right pillow has always been a difficult task. I’m really not a fan of plastic memory foam or artificial materials, and I wanted something that was cotton-based. I was hopeful but skeptical when I decided to try the Re Pillow 3.

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Honestly, researching products and understanding materials requires a lot of focus and time. What I really wanted was a pillow that would be truly comfortable and help me sleep well every night. I got an XL size for extra comfort and space. The Re Pillow Co align with this philosophy, emphasizing comfort over gimmicks or marketing hype. This commitment to quality was evident from the very beginning.

The Re Pillow 3 features their Signature inner core, which combines soft microfibers that mimic natural down with supportive pearl cotton. One thing I immediately appreciated was the balance between softness and support. The pillow was incredibly fluffy and felt like sleeping on a cloud, but it also provided excellent support for my cervical spine. This combination is crucial for someone like me who often wakes up with neck pain from insufficient pillow support.

Another great feature is the adjustability of the Re Pillow 3. It comes with a zipper that allows you to add or remove filling to suit your personal preference. This level of customization is almost like having a custom-made pillow. I could adjust the height and firmness to exactly how I liked it, which I think is a game-changer.

The quality of the materials is evident throughout. The outer fabric is soft and breathable, and the pillow is designed to prevent the accumulation of sweat and odors. Re Pillow Co uses an invisible zipper from YKK, ensuring durability and a smooth operation even after many uses. This attention to detail really sets their products apart. I love their beautiful bamboo pillowcases too, as they are super soft and luxurious! 

Now, let’s talk about their lovely Re Quilt 2. Living in Hong Kong, we all sleep under air conditioning due to the hot and humid weather. The Re Quilt 2 is perfect for this environment. Made from soft and fine bamboo fiber, it’s breathable and comfortable, providing just the right amount of warmth without causing you to overheat. This is particularly important in Hong Kong’s humidity, where even thin quilts can sometimes feel too warm.

I’ve had many nights where I woke up drenched in sweat despite the air conditioning. The Re Quilt 2 addresses this issue effectively. It’s designed to manage humidity, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. I think this is a crucial feature that many other quilts overlook. It comes in cute colours like green, champagne and pink, so can match any room well. 

One of the things I appreciate most about the Re Quilt 2 is its versatility and thoughtful design. Hong Kong apartments are typically small, and storage space is at a premium. Re Pillow Co has designed the Re Quilt 2 to be easily foldable and compact for storage. But they didn’t stop there – the quilt can also be folded and used as a pillow, providing extra utility and saving space. This kind of innovative thinking is exactly what makes Re Pillow Co stand out.

Overall, I feel that Re Pillow Co’s products are truly a godsend for anyone struggling with sleep issues, particularly in Hong Kong’s unique climate. The Re Pillow 3 offers a perfect blend of softness and support, with the flexibility to customize it to your needs. The Re Quilt 2 provides the perfect solution for air-conditioned sleeping, balancing comfort and breathability. The brand also has Re Bedding sets that can be changed without hassle - a true innovation and worth having a look at! 

Both products reflect a deep understanding of the challenges we face with sleep here in Hong Kong, and the company’s commitment to quality and innovation is clear. Supporting local brands from my city is something I also value a lot, and Re Pillow Co embodies the quality and innovation that Hong Kong is capable of producing. I highly recommend giving them a try – they might just change your sleep for the better.

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