Sunday, November 5, 2017

5 Reasons To Wear A Short Prom Dress

Prom is one of those moments girls look forward to. They get to put on dresses they would rarely wear and for one night look like royalty. Long dresses are usually preferred for this type of event because they look elegant. However, you should not underestimate the short dress. Albeit harder to pull off, it can easily make you stand out.

Here are reasons you should rock a short dress at prom:

The Hot Factor

Amidst a sea of long dresses, there you are, looking pretty and elegant in your short frock. Everyone at prom notices you right away. Each person you pass by would stop and stare. If that is the kind of effect you want to achieve, then the short dress is for you. You can even wear a black one. Make sure to get the best black prom dresses for 2018 at Peaches Boutique. They’ve got several options for you to choose from.  There is bound to be a short black dress there meant for you.

Most girls gravitate towards choosing a long dress for prom because it makes them feel like a princess. A short dress doesn’t have to be anything different. You just have to first and foremost feel confident wearing it.

Your Legs

You can show off your legs at prom. You can just keep your legs bare or you can opt for nice thigh highs that go well with your dress. You can even go as far as drawing a neon line down the back of your legs if you want to be the girl who stepped out of the 50s.

Your Shoes

Unlike long dresses, short ones can show off your shoes a lot better. Your shoes can become the star of the show. Just choose a truly show-stopping kind of shoes, including ones in bold colours.

Your Bag

The beauty of a short dress is that it allows you to play around with accessories. It does not have so much volume that you have to hide your bag. Your bag would get lost if you use a big dress because the skirt has so much volume. There are some people who have to forgo a bag because of their dress. With a short dress, you can make a statement with your bag.

Your Hair

You can wear your hair down or in any way you like. Your hairstyle will no longer be competing with your dress for attention.


Let’s face it. It is a lot easier to move around when you don’t have to hike up the heavy long skirt that is in the way.

A short dress can make you look good and feel like a princess just as a long one can. You just have to feel comfortable in it because you are bound to stand out. Being comfortable about being different shows confidence, and people are drawn to that. If you are able to pull off a short dress, people will be talking about you. You will be remembered as that beautiful girl in a short dress.


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