Monday, November 13, 2017

My Back Hurts From Studying! Naipo Neck Massager Review

Since I'm a student (yes, still) I always find that my neck and back starts to hurt after studying for a long time. It doesn't help that I've got sensitive bones, but the back of my neck really gets me down sometimes since I have pretty bad posture. I've been wanting to get massages at my local spa but they simply cost too much- each time costs around 80 or 100 pounds, and I'm a poor, broke student! Who can blame me? 

Anyway, I recently saw a cheap shoulder and neck massager from Amazon by Naipo (click here)- they are a company that manufactures massagers and health-related products like cushions, backrests and more. They specialise in these things called "Shiatsu Back Neck Massagers" which claim to help relieve tension and relaxes your muscles. 

So I ordered it via Amazon Prime and it arrived the next day. I tested it on my neck- they had only 1 strength level and it was quite strong, so it isn't for sensitive people. However, I found it quite relaxing and the massager had a heat function which helped sooth my neck. It was rather good, and I'd say that the rollers worked pretty well.

As for the material, the lining is made from a PU fabric, which was quite smooth and nice though I would have preferred leather. The massager is also quite versatile because i can put it on my back, my neck, my butt and also my legs, so it helps me wherever I want. I like how cheap it is - that's probably my main concern when buying these things!

Overall, it's a really cool massager and super affordable for anyone. It's around 38 pounds via Amazon Prime, and I'd say it's worth it if you want to save some money and feel better and more refreshed!


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