Friday, November 3, 2017

Rosegal Fur Jacket Review

Oh my gosh, girls, I got this awesome real 100% fur jacket from Rosegal the other day, and it was SUCH a bargain! It was originally worth around $150 but I got it for like $70, which was under half the original price. I think it's pretty gorgeous and beautiful as it's grey in colour. I love how it fits too- it's a size Small but it fits me perfectly (perhaps I've really lost weight) and it looks great with a pair of boots and a skirt, or some casual trousers.

The only down side was that it was a bit ruffled, but that's excusable given that it's from China. I love how Rosegal has the best selection of outerwear that I've seen in ages. They're super cheap and high quality, and I always buy them for my boyfriend.

I also love the color- grey is super cute! Rabbit fur is really smooth to touch, and I just adore it! It is pretty soft and warm, and perfect for the autumn months. I am not really a fur person, as I think it's pretty cruel, but the fact is that one or two never hurts!

What do you think?


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