Monday, November 13, 2017

Rosegal Leather Jacket Review - 2017

I recently got a faux leather jacket from Rosegal for my man. It also fits me pretty well. It is a black faux leather jacket that's quite thick, although I really wanted a thinner jacket since it's quite hot right now. Anyways, the order came within a month (though with a customs fee) and I'm still quite happy with it.

Take a look below!

Isn't it nice? I think the quality is pretty good. It is worth $120 originally, but it was discounted to around half price. There was a bit of smell when it first came but it went away after hanging outside for a day under the wind.

I like the quality- it is fully lined and fits my boyfriend's 5'11 frame pretty well. He's so buff but he recently lost weight. Leather jackets are so cool! I love Rosegal!


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