Friday, November 10, 2017

Cute Statement Necklaces for You Girlfriend - featuring Happiness Boutique

Are you a guy who needs a present for your friend? Or do you just want something cute for yourself? Today, I want to introduce one of my favourite online jewellery shops ever. The shop is called Happyiness Boutique and it allows you to select really cool statement jewellery for any occasion.

Many months ago, I was reminded by Facebook that it was soon one of my best friend's birthday. I thought it would be a great idea to get her a statement necklace since she's quite a girly girl, you know, the type who loves makeup and dressing up. She's really cool, but I bet she hasn't ever received a statement necklace before! Happiness Boutique is really cool in that they have lots of choices for you to choose from-  they have large necklaces, or silver necklaces, or even bracelets with lots of gemstones and different metals on them. They also have jewellery that come in gold, silver and rose gold, so there's literally a colour for everyone's taste! 

The necklace arrived within 1 week as it took some time for the company to ship the package. Each design is carefully made so that there are no broken pieces or unevenness, and it comes in a little bag with and a lovely white box.

The necklace itself was absolutely beautiful and very good quality- which it should be for the price! I have to say though, this isn't at all expensive even if you're a still a student in high school or at university. It's totally affordable (around 20 pounds for mine) and there are many cheaper options on Happiness Boutique's site. I mean, it's like the perfect gift for your girlfriend!

Let me know what you think of my new necklace, and do check out Happiness Boutique for other types of designs, as well as their own range of cool statement jewellery!


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