Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Private Spa Experience

Let’s face it: lockdowns and social restrictions are making life quite challenging for everyone these days. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself and make yourself feel great even if you are mostly stuck at home.

One such example is giving yourself rest and relaxation in style by turning your bathroom into a private home spa experience. Here are some inspirational hints and tips for creating the ultimate tailored pampering experience that will help you feel reinvigorated and happier:

How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Private Spa Experience

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Give Your Bathroom a Scrub

If you clean your bathroom regularly with almost military precision, you can skip this step. But if you seldom give your bathroom a good clean, now’s the time to get started. Why is this important for creating the ultimate in-home spa experience, you might ask yourself?

The answer is simple: you don’t want to start your spa day in a dirty or smelly bathroom! Your bathtub should be the focus of your cleaning session, so make sure you go to town on it and create a sparkling tub.

If you find that your bathtub doesn’t drain properly, you may wish to get a professional to fix the problem for you. They can use a water jetter to clear any obstructions in your drains, whether the problem is in your bathroom or external to your home.

Give Your Bathroom a Mini-Makeover

Everyone has clutter in their bathrooms. If you’re especially guilty of having too much ‘stuff’ in your bathroom, now’s the time to get rid of it. Find somewhere more appropriate to store any clutter or dispose of it.

If your ceiling has seen better days, strip off the old paint and apply a couple of layers of new bathroom paint. It’s also an excellent opportunity to choose a new paint colour if you’re finding the white colour a bit bland for your tastes.

Next, add some plants to your bathroom. Plants help to purify the air around you and bring some of the wonders of nature inside your home. Another advantage of plants is they promote a relaxing and calming environment.

Invest in Some Scented Candles

When you want to relax in your spa-inspired bathroom, you don’t necessarily want bright LED lights to set the mood. Instead, invest in some scented candles to provide the right mood lighting.

What’s more, the scents from the candles will infuse your bathroom and promote a more relaxing environment. Take a look at this article to find out more about how fragrant candles can positively affect your mood.

Get a Waterproof Speaker

Lastly, a waterproof battery-powered Bluetooth speaker is ideal for streaming calming music into your bathroom from your smartphone. Such speakers are inexpensive and offer hours of playback time from a single charge.

As you can imagine, having the right music is a key element for any private spa experience in the home. Consider subscribing to a streaming music service like Spotify and playing some of their ambient music playlists.

Now you’re ready to enjoy plenty of pampering in your spa-inspired bathroom!


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