Sunday, February 28, 2021

Mime et Moi- 10% off promo code [Flow10] and review

Have you ever worn heels but felt that searing, horrible pain that goes along with it? Have you ever wished that you can change your shoes' height at a whim? Well, today I want to talk about an awesome brand that lets you do just that. I recently bought these interchangeable heels from Mime et Moi, a lovely brand that literally lets you just change your heels whenever you want, meaning that you can get different shoes of different heights, shapes and sizes all with one purchase.

A bit about the brand- Mime et Moi's shoes are all interchangeable to allow girls to change their heels whenever they want. This innovative and revolutionary shoe brand keeps up with the modern woman's lifestyle. The result is that every shoe in the Mime et Moi collection features a removable heel, and thus can be worn as high heels and flats. 

I want to show you how Mime et Moi works. I got this lovely, gorgeous pair of rose suede sandals which is lovely and can be customized with different types of heels. It can be converted simply by pressing a button on the bottom and it's super simple to use! Take a look at the video below of how to use these shoes.  

The shoes arrived within a week or so of ordering from Europe, so that was incredibly fast. The packing is delightful and beautiful, and the heels came in a lovely dust bag with the brand's logo.

I literally gasped in shock when I unboxed the shoes. They are brilliant and looked exactly like the photo on their website, and the colouring and everything was pretty spot on. Nothing looked different than what I expected, and the shoe is made from an extremely beautiful genuine suede leather and colour. I love the design of these shoes since the straps are girly and feminine, and completely stylish too.

In terms of comfort, these are probably the most comfortable pair of pointed heels that I've ever had. The low heels were perfect for girls like me who always suffer from heel pains. The fit of the heels are perfect, since I got an EU 38 which was what the site helpfully suggested I get. I'd recommend sizing down though as their shoes tend to be on the larger side. The heels did not hurt at all when I walked in them for hours, and even when they did, I'd just switch back to the flats!

For the price, these shoes are really worth it. By all means, these shoes can be considered to be on the medium-end of prices, but the quality exceeds anything that I've ever imagined. When I opened it, it feels like I've gone to shoe heaven!

Aren't these shoes brilliant? I'd highly recommend checking out Mime et Moi if you're a girl like me who loves changing and customizing your shoes. Just think of all the possibilities with all the heels! It's always fun to get to realise your dream come true and own a pair of "ever-changing" shoes! Let me know what you think!

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