Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tips When You’re Feeling Conscious About Your Appearance

It’s not nice to feel so conscious about your appearance, especially when it’s likely that no one around you is noticing. However, it’s something that can really play on our minds, and depending on what it is, will depend on what you’re able to do about it right in the moment. However, there are some tips that are worth knowing that can help you feel less conscious about yourself and your appearance.

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Stop Thinking About What’s Conventionally Beautiful

Firstly, what is conventionally beautiful isn’t something that should be aspired to. It’s usually been controlled by society’s expectations that span back hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s time to ditch that conventional beauty because we’re all different from one person to the next. By trying to be conventionally beautiful, you could spend your whole life trying to reach something that has very little value in the world. 

Try to embrace your own beauty, in whatever way you can. Stop putting that conventional beauty as being something that you should aspire to become. It’s never going to help you feel truly happy.

Is It Something That Can Be Repaired Or Fixed?

Even if we have what we believe to be imperfections, it’s something that can be fixed or changed. Perhaps you have crooked teeth? Well clear aligners can fix that. Do you have fine wrinkles around your eyes? Well there’s plenty of cosmetic procedures both invasive and non-invasive that you can do to help reduce them.

When you do get these treatments or procedures to fix, repair or change how you look, it’s important to always do it for you. Doing it for someone else is not the right reason to do it.

Distract Yourself

Negative thoughts can often plague those who don’t feel self-conscious or rarely do. However, we’re all human and sometimes our mind can get to us when we’re feeling vulnerable. It’s easy enough to put yourself down, so try to distract yourself with other things to keep your mind occupied. There’s no point in getting yourself more worked up or upset because that’s not going to help you feel better. Sometimes, taking yourself to one side or just giving yourself something to do and ideally brings you joy, is going to be more helpful.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

Surrounding yourself with the right people in life is important. We go through life needing that support and love from others. It’s a necessity for all of us as humans. What we don’t need is certain people bringing us down. Those that feed on your unhappiness or only support your self-conscious feelings towards your appearance are not in your life for a good reason. It’s important that you try and surround yourself with positive influences and those that are only going to build you up. Don’t let anyone purposefully into your life that’s going to be bad for you.

When you’re feeling conscious about your appearance, try to take scope of your life. You can find a lot of happiness in the more important things than simply thinking about how you look.


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