Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Femmeluxe Trousers Haul

 I recently got a few items from their shop, and want to do a little blog review for the items. The first thing that I got was this grey co-ord set which was beautiful, soft and absolutely gorgeous! Take a look below at what I got recently! Femmeluxe is an awesome brand that sells mini dresses, co-ords and beautiful UK-made sweaters. 

I got this pair of Tartan trousers because it's in a beautiful shade of grey which matches well with pretty much anything- I love pairing it with jeans, sandals and a cute bag, but it would go equally well with a skirt and a pair of heels. The best thing about this brand's designs is that they're versatile and flexible, and matches with everything in my wardrobe.

The quality of these leggings are amazing, though they’re only 20 pounds! I hope they don’t break! This brand is one of the best for affordable clothing. I’ll support Femme Luxe Finery forever.

As a huge yoga lover, I've always struggled to find a pair of natural pants that I can wear. Most of the pants that are out there are made from polyester or nylon, which is not breathable and feels slightly rough on the skin. However, these checkered tartan pants are made from a soft material and cotton which gives it an extremely light and airy feel. It matches well with my Halter Top from the same shop, which is gorgeous. 

I wore it to go for walks in the park, and it's absolutely the best pair of pants that I've ever owned. No hard materials are used in the making of this pair of pants, which may interfere with your body’s natural rhythms. The unique fabric provides sufficient natural stretch which accommodates the poses that I have to walk in. This pair of pants comes in various different colors, and the grey colour as shown here looks wonderful with a sweater or tank top. These pants are surely the best way to feel comfortable whilst looking stylish during walking.

Overall, I'm never taking my trousers off as they're so comfortable that I can wear them all day. As part of my journey into natural clothing, I'm throwing out all of my ill-fitting trousers and tops. This brand is definitely one of my favourite shops to go to for affordable, luxurious and practical clothing. I'd highly recommend them!


  1. Looks really good!
    Have a nice day <3

  2. I also love Femmeluxe and have clothes from them, which is fitting perfectly.
    Your leggings are very good :)


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