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How To Create Your Dream Bedroom

 How To Create Your Dream Bedroom

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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. You spend at least one third of your time there - and likely more right now due to the coronavirus pandemic! - meaning that you should be paying attention to how you decorate your room. While some people treat their bedroom as a simple necessity, as if it’s a place for sleeping and nothing more, your bedroom is an important part of your home creation. You need to feel at home there, safe, comfortable and peaceful.

With these feelings in mind, it’s time to figure out how to create your dream bedroom. Luckily, this blog is all about that exact topic! Let’s get started on how to innovate your ideal room to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Working With What You’ve Got

Not all bedrooms are born equal; some are big, some are tiny; some are easily decorated, others come with landlord or rental restrictions. Some budgets are big, some are scrappy. Whatever your situation, you can create a great space by working with what you’ve got. You don’t need an enormous space combined with an enormous budget to create a bedroom space that you love.

Delving Deep Into Your Mind

Your bedroom is important for your mind. If your room doesn’t suit you, you are likely to get a worse night’s sleep, feel more stressed, and generally have a sense of unease. Creating your dream room isn’t just about the aesthetic, Instagram-worthy pictures you can take - it’s a vital step for your mental health.

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First thing’s first: you need to figure out what works for you. Everyone has their own idea of perfect bliss, and it’s time to find yours. Here are a few ways you can delve deep and figure out what your bedroom should look and feel like. 

  • List your favourite colours or colour schemes. Colour is a very important aspect to your bedroom. You should find the colours that make you feel calm and grounded. Even if you can’t paint your walls due to rental restrictions, you can decorate with bed linen, posters and other furnishings of the right colour.

  • Figure out your ideal layout. Are you a person who likes to be surrounded by lots of colourful embellishments, or more of a minimalist? Getting to know your personal style will allow you to figure out your ideal bedroom layout.

  • Personal touches. Whether it is a framed photograph of you and your family, or perhaps furniture of linen that holds great memories, adding personal touches could really bring your room to life. 

Implementing Your Bedroom Vision

Now you are aware of the kind of bedroom you want to have, it’s time to start implementing these ideas in a practical way. This might take some time if you are working to a strict budget; if this is the case, you should begin with the essentials and build up your ideal room over time. Not everyone can afford to transform their bedroom instantaneously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it little by little, with patience and perseverance.

Here are a few ways to start implementing your bedroom vision. 


Get a group of friends together (COVID-19 permitting) and get painting! You don’t need to hire a professional painter/decorator to paint your walls the colour you desire. Just buy the paint and some good quality brushes, throw on some overalls and get started. Not only will this achieve a cost-effective bedroom painting project, but you’ll have great memories to go with it too.

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Although some things are more easily bought as new, from stores like Muji or IKEA, others can be thrifted at low cost. Items such as dressers, bedside tables or closets can be found second hand in beautiful quality - plus, this way, your bedroom will have a little more character to it. 

Linen and Bed Items

Your bed linen is a really important part of your bedroom. Soft, breathable fabrics that let your skin breathe while keeping you snuggly and warm can actually be difficult to find! Make sure you buy hypoallergenic duvets that don’t cause your skin or lungs any trouble, giving you the perfect, warm sleep. 

Similarly, your pillows should be firm enough to support your neck and spine, without giving you achy muscles or bad posture. High quality pillows are crucial to good sleep as well as lymphatic drainage, neck and skull muscular tension and posture.

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A Good Sleep Environment

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of creating your dream bedroom is creating an environment that promotes healthy sleep. If you are someone who struggles with their sleeping pattern or suffers from insomnia, this is even more essential for you!

Here are a few techniques that help you arrange your bedroom in a way that allows deep sleep.

  • Tidying regularly. Cluttered spaces create cluttered minds, and if you are struggling to sleep, it could be to do with the amount of mess in your space. 

  • Burning candles or diffusing essential oils. Gentle fragrances can help soothe worried minds and relax our muscles too. Burning a candle or diffusing essential oils is a great way to sleep better through the night.

  • Banishing screens. This is a hard one to pull off, especially in this day and age. Psychologists and sleep experts say that one of the worst things you can do is stare at screens right before you are going to sleep. Our phones and other devices stimulate brain activity instead of relaxing it. One way to get better sleep is to have an hour, or even thirty minutes, screen-free before settling down for the night.

  • Practise meditation or other relaxation techniques before bed, to get your brain fully relaxed. This can take some practice - you shouldn’t expect it to work straight away - but in time, meditation is a great technique for achieving better, sounder sleep.

Final Thoughts

If you are dreaming of a different bedroom, start your journey today by using this blog as your definitive guide!


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