Friday, February 26, 2021

My Femmeluxe Review for 2021

 Morning lovelies! I am continuing my 3rd post by talking about my haul from Femmeluxe, a lovely shop that stocks the best gorgeous clothing for women. I previously wrote about them but I'm going to do different blog posts about them since I want to feature different outfits.  I've bought a few jackets from them and every single one of them turned out to be excellent in quality. Best of all their prices are unbeatable, and the quality is top-notched.

I think I'm obsessed going out tops like my Stone Ribbed Knit bodycon Dress as it's pretty cute and chic. It's made from acrylic and I styled it with sneakers for a cool, chic look. It's definitely a fitted dress as it cinches at the waist. I love how the neckline is a V neck, and I love the fact that it's made from Italy. I love this dress so much, and I cannot recommend it enough! 

Adore this top, and I hope you can find something you like on their site! Can I just say that their fit is perfect? Their designs are made to fit a woman's curve, so no matter what size you are, their clothing is bound to fit you. This gorgeous sweater dress comes in Taupe, Grey, Black and White, and they're super gorgeous. I totally understand why celebrities LOVE their shop!

I was initially attracted to this dress because it could be work either as a dress or as a long top. It would look great when paired with leggings or long pants, but I paired it with a pair of high boots which shows off the legs. I love this knit dress- it's just the right amount of thickness and it's made from a lovely, soft material. The best thing about this dress is that it can be worn inside a giant coat and looks super stylish and chic as a little dress which keeps you extremely warm! This item is definitely a 10/10 in terms of design and style, and fits just perfectly!

They also have a special range of girly products which are 100% made from comfortable materials. This range is especially good for girls who want to keep warm during the cold, and can be worn in airport lounges or those with frequent flying trips.  I've been into the preppy style lately because my boyfriend is quite the "preppy" Oxford type and it's kind of cute to wear matching clothing, though not in the same style!  It is super warm and cozy. It also looks fantastic, like something from Zara.

Femmeluxe Review

Femmeluxe Review

I hope you like my look and please visit the shop to check out their new items! 


  1. This dress is so pretty!
    Looks really good!



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