Wednesday, February 3, 2021

FemmeLuxe Winter Tryon

 Hi everyone! I am continuing to talk about my haul from Femmeluxe, a lovely shop that sells cheap and affordable clothing for women. I previously wrote about them but I'm going to do different blog posts about them since I want to feature different outfits. 

I absolutely LOVE my Black Turtleneck Knit Jumper Dress and styled it with a pair of Nike trainers without anything underneath. The quality is excellent as it's made from wool and acrylic, which is soft and warm. The best thing about this dress is the cutting- it's perfect and absolutely stunning! I can't find anything better than this, and I'm so happy! 

The quality of this body con dress is absolutely fantastic and I love the fit. It looks so chic and stylish, and perfect for winters! I love how it's just the right length too. The quality is great as FemmeLuxe is a high-quality brand. The stitching on the dress is really good, and there are no loose stitchings. The fabric of the dress seems excellent, and it's soft and comfortable to wear. I adore the colour too, and the brand sells this dress in white and black. I love their black one too, as it's really versatile and great with a cool, blue denim jacket.

What I love most about this dress is that there's a beautiful turtleneck detail which gives the dress a cool look. This dress gives off a very fun vibe, and it would be perfect for winter holidays or workplaces that are more casual and fun, like a startup or a young business. But it's biggest advantage has to be it's versatility- it can be worn for a date with a boyfriend, a new acquaintance or just friends, and you can also dress it up for an evening meal at a fancy hotel. The dress easily looks chic and stands out from the crowd- I know I certainly got lots of compliments wearing this dress!

I got a Size 8 and it was the perfect size. It's a cozy dress, which means that the design is quite relaxed and not figure-hugging. The suede material is pretty soft and smooth, and it feels extremely comfortable and lovely to wear. I love knitted dresses because it's especially soft and feels way better than real wool. 

The dress even has a shorter hem and they are made with a lovely outline. I love the little details of this dress, as it's up winter fashion at its best. The design of the dress is quite stylish, as the cutting is perfect on people of all body shapes. I am quite round in the middle, and I like how this dress flatters my legs without making my middle look more round.

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I hope you like my look and please visit the shop to check out their new items! Overall, I'm super happy with these this item. They're lovely and designed really well, and I've never seen such a unique range of clothing in my life. Their site is super accessible and easy to use. With their impeccable designs, beautiful styles and perfect quality, this is definitely a shop to check out.

Take a look below! 


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