Sunday, April 3, 2016

Guide to Choose Wedding Dress Factory for Designers

If you are a wedding designer who owns a bridal shop, you will need a good supplier that helps you change your ideas in drawing into real wedding dresses. China is known as the world's largest factory and they must have many satisfactory wedding dress factories. But for new sellers who have no oversea purchase experience, it is difficult to find a reliable factory to work with, there are many things to consider, such as MOQ, the terms of payment and shipping and so on.

As the wedding dress designers, if you are planning to outsource to China’s weddingdress factory, you may need to consider the following questions.

1.   Whether the factory agrees to OEM, after all, many designers hope their designed products labeled their own brands. The final competition of the products is the brand itself. Undoubtedly, establishing their own brand image is very important.

2.   The MOQ. Many factories have a MOQ, and it is usually is 10 pieces. It seems nothing for some big brands, but it will be a headache for less famous designers. Although ordering more is cheaper, it is impossible if you don't know the market demand, hence it is not wise to purchase so many.

3.   Property Rights. Many wedding dress designers worried about their own design will be counterfeited by factories, which is a a serious violation of their property rights. There is no way to guarantee these problems when choosing small factories or trade companies, they need to survive which need to continue to have new products out, but they don’t have the designers, so it is inevitable to steal another customers’ design.

In addition to above three mentioned questions, you may face other problems after contact with factories, such as the choice of fabric, production time and so on. So for some designers who are looking for a reliable factory, you can contact Jusere wedding and evening dress Co., Ltd., established in 2002 in Suzhou. Why choose this wedding dress factory?

1. Jusere is one of the biggest wedding dresses factories in Suzhou, and also one of the few factories that have their own team of designers. At the same time, it has a good reputation in the local wedding market. Although Jusere’ size is not as large as factories in Guangzhou, but the quality and the price is indeed considerable.

2. Jusere doesn't have minimum order quantity limited. No matter it is one piece or more can be produced. This is quite tempting for some owners of store who are short of money but want to buy more styles with less money. Wedding gown is more special than other garment, especially for some customers who have customized needs.

3. If need be, Jusere will sign a confidentiality agreement with the designers, make sure their design are not stolen. In addition, if there is a need, Jusere also could recommend designers to other clients to recommend their products. 

Choose the suitable factory, and you could save out on many unnecessary cost. You can also ensure that your customers would like the goods. Of course, through this cooperation, the mutual sides are able to win the corresponding profit. If you are a designer who is looking for a supplier, then you can refer to it as a reference.


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