Saturday, April 23, 2016

From Nothing to Cleavage- Upbra review !

I'm SUPER excited to be reviewing the best push up bra I've ever had. I'm sure some of you have seen the UpBra on Youtube and in various blogs, because it's currently the hottest, and I mean hottest push up bra there is. I've been eager to buy one of these for ages after watching so many videos of girls looking amazing in them. Seriously, even if you have no cleavage or no boobs like me you will be able to get a nice cleavage line using the UpBra. It sounds like a miracle, but it is actually true.

I got two nude UpBras in the mail, shipped all the way from the USA. It only took around a two weeks to reach the UK, so I'm very pleased with their shipping time. On their website you can see so many before and after videos of girls wearing the UpBra. The bra works by pushing your boobs in, as well as up, which creates the best cleavage line that any bra can do. I'm surprised no one thought of this before, especially since normal push up bras are so ineffective.

Warning- pictures of my boobs below (not really, but kind of)! 

Overall rating: 5/5

Effect: As a girl with a small chest, I am SO pleased with the UpBra's cleavage-making effect. Seriously, I feel like I actually have a cleavage now, although by no means is it amazing. Of course, it will work much better if I'm a bit larger up there, but I'm still so happy about the UpBra's enhancing effect. Who needs plastic surgery now!

Comfort: It's SUPER comfortable. It is one of the best strapless push up bras I have ever worn. They stay up without making you feel odd, and the cup sizes are perfectly sized. The plastic inside the bra also feels soft and comfortable. I am very happy with how comfortable these are, and they're very soft and feels great on your skin. I wouldn't have gotten a better bra. It also doesn't feel hard like other push up bras that I have from H&M and Topshop.

Style: They come in 3 colours: nude, black and white. I can't think of anything more versatile than these colours. I own two nude bras because I love how nude bras don't show through in white dresses. And I love wearing white. These bras also come in detachable straps, so you can style them in multiple ways depending on your dress. The best part is that they go well with any outfit, strapless or not.

Quality: The UpBra is very well made. It is definitely worth the price, because it is extremely well-made. The fabric feels strong and smooth and the straps are well made. They are also very strong and the bra doesn't feel flimsy at all. In fact, it is top quality, given the price. It's definitely worth it because it will last for a very long time- such a great investment!

I was so excited when my Upbra arrived in the mail. They're like a godsend. I sometimes hate my small chest because they don't look nice in a strapless dress. This bra solves my problems. I have to admit, I did think of getting plastic surgery at one point, but with the Upbra, even small-chested girls like myself can get some cleavage.

UpBra has kindly given me a 10% discount code for all of you: WB-10P-12. Don't forget to check them out, because their bras are the best push up bras I've ever tried!


  1. I'm always so hesitant when it comes to pushup bras (I've only tried one pair before and they weren't my fave, so that's probably why haha), but these sound amazing!

    Via Sora

  2. I have a small chest, but I don't really want a bigger one, so, even if it's interesting, it is not meant for me.

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  5. Can I ask what is your size and what size from UpBra you chose? I have AA cup (EUR70A) and wonder if the smalest UpBra size will fit.


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