Thursday, April 28, 2016

Designer Wedding Dresses - Cocomelody

I'm browsing lovely designer wedding dresses, from the bridal shop Cocomelody. The shop sells a wide range of luxurious wedding dresses of all shapes and sizes. They even have a designer collection featuring Lily White, Grace Luxury and other big names in the wedding dress industry. I'm in love with the white, pristine feeling of the dresses. I love white dresses in general, as they're pure and innocent. Weddings are so glamorous really! 

They have such a huge range of styles. From vintage to elegant, they have wedding dresses that suit everyone's needs. 

I've just picked a few of my favourite styles. I wish I would be able to buy a wedding dress one day for my special day, if I ever get married! 

Not liking the elegant style? Cocomelody also has a fantastic range of convertible bridesmaid dresses which will suit girls who like more flexibility and change. The dresses are more colourful and bright than the regulars, so will suit people who want a bit of jazz in their weddings. 


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