Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Wish list

My April wish list contains cute items from Banggood, a lovely online shop that sells many clothing, tops, apparel, jewellery and much more. They literally have everything you can ever want or need, all for a very reasonable price. I know it's always scary to buy things online, but with that amount of choice, it might be worth the risk. 

They have so many cute tops and dresses, and best of all they offer low cost shipping to anywhere in the world. I love their dresses and tops, especially some of the ones I've picked below. Aren't they stunning? You can shop for maxi dresses, office skirts, formal wear, casual outfits and everything all in one place. I really like these pieces- which suit my style. 

I prefer to go for elegant pieces or long-sleeved dresses. I love how they're modest, but chic at the same time. I'm not one to reveal a lot of skin, so their clothing really suits me. 

Speaking of which, look what I found yesterday- such a cute blouse! 

cat collar blouse

cat collar blouse

Isn't the cat collar blouse cute? I love it! Definitely another on my wish list. 


  1. Love that cal collar blouse! Beautiful wishlist!

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