Saturday, April 2, 2016

Round Black Sunglasses- Featuring Glassesshop

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black prescription sunglasses, glassesshop, glassesshop sunglasses, sunglasses cheap review, sunglasses large, tammy round glasses

It's almost summer, and this can mean only one thing- time to take out the sunglasses! I went shopping for some eyeglasses online because they're cheaper than buying them from the store. I also suffer from poor eyesight and have really heavy prescriptions (minus 4.75 and minus 4.25) and it's such a pain to buy glasses in the store as I have to wait ages for them to make my lenses.

My new Tammy Round Black sunglasses are from my favourite glasses shop online- Glasses Shop, which sells a variety of affordable and great-quality cheap glasses of all types. Honestly, I bought 3 pairs of glasses from them before in the past, and this is not a featured review. I just think they're great, and they're one of the few glasses shops that actually makes my prescription lenses perfectly. The other online shops that I've tried like Firmoo don't make them as well or as light, and they make me dizzy.

This pair of prescription sunglasses is super light and comfortable, and fits my face so well! I like how you can choose from a variety of styles, like vintage or wayfarers. I like these Tammy glasses because they're so big and hides my big face! If you check out their selection, you'll see so many different types of colors and sizes, which means even that there's definitely a pair of glasses to fit you. I think choosing the right shape and size is important because it can really affect your look.

Their shop even allows you to virtually 'try on' glasses if you upload a selfie- isn't it great?

Speaking of which, I'm going to be doing A LOT more reviews of things that I've bought in the next couple of weeks because it's exam season in university and the stress is killing me… buying things online really makes me cheer up and feel a bit better about myself. And I love writing to you all! There's a coupon of GSHOT50 for 50% off your first order!

What do you think of my sunglasses? 


  1. I love Sunglasses Shop! I got a pair from them earlier this year and it's the only pair I wear haha

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  2. Good to know as I have to use prescription glasses too.

  3. Great Blog I follow you now on GFC.
    Xoxo Cellaa♥
    Basic shit of my life

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