Thursday, June 24, 2021

Shorts Galore- FemmeLuxe Review

Femmeluxe sells lovely t-shirts, shorts, dresses and shirts for girls. Their style is simple, minimalistic and chic. They specialise in neutrals and nude-colorer clothing, nothing bright, fancy or patterned. It's almost as if this retailer launched the styles just for Instagram or Pinterest! They're that cool!

Previously I bought a few t-shirts from the brand as I've been partnered with them for a while. The t-shirts were in black, white and grey, three classic colors. Femmeluxe is quite a classic brand, meaning that they stock up on minialistic, simplistic styles. The t-shirts I got are super comfortable. And when I say that, I really mean it. My old ratty t-shirts are nothing compared to these. 

They have a huge range of women's shirts, sweaters and shorts. They're made from good quality materials, and are stretchy so it fits your body really well. Today I want to show you this cool pair of Black Leather shorts that I got from the brand. It's got an elasticated waist and looks retro and full of disco and edgy vibes. The best thing about these shorts are that they're quite flexible and suitable for all types of looks- from edgy looks to cuter styles, these shorts are perfectly suitable for any occasion. I really like their quality too as they're thick and you can't tell it's not real leather! I'm really happy with these shorts overall, and am pretty pleased with them. 


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