Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Little Cardigan Outfit

Femmeluxe is one of the trendiest, upcoming boutiques of the year. I first came across them on Instagram whilst browsing the fashion pages, as I usually do. I have to admit that I'm somewhat of an Instagram addict (follow me!) and it's always a pleasure to discover a cool new shop like Femmeluxe.

A bit about their styles - Femmeluxe sells trendy, cute clothing for young women and their styles are modeled off celebrities like the Jenners and Kardashians, as well as a variety of UK born celebrities. I've always been a fan of nude and elegant styles, and this brand does them like no other.

They sell cute playsuits, rompers, tops, dresses and bottoms, as well as accessories and more. They only sell women's clothing, but their range is highly impressive. I took the chance to order a variety of items which I will review in different posts over the next few weeks and months. I love cardigans that are neutral and beautifully styled and this brand's items are all perfect for this weather. Not too thick or too thin, these items lighten up my wardrobe. The best part about this is that it's versatile and flexible and can be worn pretty much anywhere- in the bedroom, courtroom or office! It's so comfortable and super affordable! 

Here's my little review of this gorgeous Stone knitted cardigan! This is one of my favourite pieces and I styled it with my stripes dress, which looks pretty cool with boots. 

Soo, honestly, this is one of their most unique pieces as they design it themselves. The knitted sleeve details is unusual and cute and the stone color is simply gorgeous! Although the knitted cardigan can be a bit thin, it is just the right length for girls with medium heights. It is also a bit thin and see-through, but it's great for the hot summer days. Hope you like it! 

femme luxe review, femmeluxe

femme luxe review, femmeluxe


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