Tuesday, June 8, 2021

7 Reasons to Remove A Tree From Your Garden


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It’s hard to part with that gorgeous tree in the garden, but there are many reasons why you might have to. Here are seven reasons to remove a tree from your garden.

1. More space

One great reason to get a tree removed from your garden is to give you more space. Trees take up more room than you think, and they can make your garden look smaller. Removing a tree can give you back a much bigger, cleaner space.

2. More sunlight

Trees block sunlight and thus harm other plants. They provide shade for pets to lie in or for you to curl up and read underneath, but if a tree obscures your whole garden, it might be time to get rid of it. Check out your local tree company for advice. 

3. Neighbours

Sometimes, you’ll have to remove a tree because of your neighbours. Either because they don’t like the shade, it’s casting into their garden or because it’s growing into their property. Branches can grow into neighbouring properties and damage fences owned by someone else, and you may be formally asked to cut your tree back or remove it entirely. 

4. Cats

If you’re a cat lover, you may want to clear your garden of trees to prevent your much-loved cat from climbing and getting stuck. Cats and plants are a funny mix, and there are many plants and trees that are unsafe for felines. 

On the other hand, if you dislike cats and the neighbourhood moggies keep getting into your garden via your tree, this could be another good reason to remove it.

5. Children and grandchildren

Many kids have injured themselves falling out of trees, so as a parent or grandparent, you may wish to have any trees removed. However, you could make do with getting lower branches removed, which saves you money, as well as your tree.  It will also offer you some peace of mind. 

6. Allergies

Hayfever, amongst other allergies, is another good reason to have a tree removed. Tree pollen causes all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, and it can ruin the summer season for someone. If one of your nearest and dearest, or even yourself, suffers from a tree-related allergy, consider removing the tree.

7. Security risk

Some people have trees removed due to security issues or even just anxiety. If you have tree branches hanging close to your upstairs windows and worry about someone climbing into your home via them, then it might be time to get rid of the tree. You may also have concerns about fencing, gates, damage to cars or garden structures, and broken windows. Trees can cause several expensive issues, and the cost of removing the tree may well offset the cost of any future damage. 

Hopefully, this list provides some practical suggestions as to whether you want to remove that tree from your garden or not. Whatever you decide, bookmark our list if you need a reminder of why you’re removing that tree in the first place. 


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