Friday, June 4, 2021

5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Cosy


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It is safe to say the bedroom is a sanctuary. It is where you spend a lot of your time cooking up ideas, relaxing, catching up with friends, and all sorts of things that make you happy. Therefore your bedroom must provide you with a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Although individual tastes in decor may vary, there are some elements you should consider to create a cosy ambience in your bedroom. Here are a few tips.

  1. Go for warm colours

The overall colour scheme of your bedroom plays a significant role in creating the ambience. You may think colder shades of blue or bright colours may be comfortable; however, these do the opposite. It is advisable to select warmer shades such as subdued neutral tones. If you wish to use brighter colours, you can go for copper or rose gold shades as they are a perfect balance between warm and cold colours. Be sure your rugs, sheets, and furniture pieces complement your colour scheme to prevent a chaotic and unappealing ambience. 

  1. Reflect yourself

Your room is your sanctuary. So, what better way to feel safe in it than by being surrounded by things that reflect who you are and inspire you! Decorate your bedroom with posters of images, role models, and quotes that inspire you and make you happy. You can also create a portrait wall to display photos of your fondest memories and loved ones. If you are an art lover, why not hang a few of your favourite pieces? Hanging up a beautiful tapestry is also a great way to make your bedroom space unique and comfy!

  1. Light it up!

Cosy and comfy don’t mean dark and gloomy. While you may not want a lot of light in your bedroom, you shouldn’t take out the idea entirely. There are several ways light can make your sanctuary comfier. You can hang low-lit string lights over your bed to illuminate the area or around your wide mirror or plant to highlight it and give the room a sufficient amount of light. With the help of an electrician, you can fix statement lights to illuminate your room and give a unique touch to the room. Bedside lighting is also a good idea, especially for those nights you want to cuddle in bed with a book and some hot chocolate.

  1. Add layers

A cosy bed is a comfortable room! The truth is your bed is an essential piece of your bedroom. So how else can you be comfy here if your bed is not? You make your bed and bedroom cosier by adding layers of throws! Linen sheets are a great idea as they are comfortable, make you feel more relaxed, and add freshness to your room. It would be best if you also considered adding a couple of soft throw pillows too. A comforter is another excellent addition to creating a comfy cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. 

With these tips, you would love to spend time in your bedroom!


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