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Pleasing Your Future In-Laws - Turning On the Charm

Etiquette for In Laws Meeting
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First Impressions

No matter how much our girlfriend may be in love with us, getting her parents to see our good side is always going to be a bit challenging in most cases. Having said that, if we were able to turn on the charm when we first met the girl we would like to make our partner for life, there is no reason why we should not be able to win over our future in-laws. By being prepared to look on the internet for websites featuring blogs about how to make a good impression when our girlfriend takes us around to meet her folks, getting off on the right foot with mom and dad could be a whole lot easier to achieve.

Of course, there is a lot more to first impressions for men about to have their first encounter with the parents of the woman they have just got engaged to. Indeed, many future in-laws will be extremely interested in the choice we have made in the betrothal bands we bought for our engagement.  If we find custom engagement rings Sydney couples prefer and those rings simply outshine many of the other trending designs at the time, we are bound to be heading in the right direction with regards to creating a good first impression. Fortunately for Sydney-based gents looking to impress their girlfriend and her parents with a pair of stunning engagement rings, there are a number of well-established jewellers in this part of Australia to choose from for our purchases.

However, if we have had the smarts to purchase a pair of beautifully designed engagement rings from a reputable online jeweller, all we need to do then is work on our approach to making a big impression when being brought over to the family home. Some of the more tried and tested methods of getting our girlfriend’s folks to accept us are detailed below:

  • Make sure you are well-groomed and clean
  • Don’t overdo it with physical contact with your girlfriend
  • Impress them with your career ambitions and other goals in life
  • Be courteous and charming at all timesDon’t just talk - be a good listener

Future Intentions

One thing to remember about meeting the parents of the girl you plan to marry in the near future is that they will want to make sure you have good intentions for their daughter. So, rather than being in too much of a hurry to get a meeting with your lover’s folks, you have to be sure you are prepared and that you are ready for the next level of your relationship with your beloved. You have to be sincere and articulate in making known your intentions.

It pays to look online for inspiration when it comes to choosing gorgeous betrothal bands. There are sites publishing helpful articles that men can use if they are struggling with ideas for purchasing betrothal bands. Once we have secured engagement rings that we are sure will totally impress our girlfriend and her family, practising how we will behave when getting together with her folks for the first time will be a very smart move to say the least.


Anyone that has walked their daughter down the aisle when giving her away to a man they at first did not like will appreciate the sort of anxiety that dads experience when their little girl decides to leave the family home. Of course, giving your blessing to your daughter’s boyfriend who is always well-dressed is always going to be a much easier task compared to your girl choosing to tie the knot with someone who always looks like they have just got up.


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