Thursday, October 18, 2018

Halloween Eyes- Pinkyparadise Review

For my eyes, I wore the EOS New Adult Brown lenses I got from Pinky Paradise, a specialised circle lens shop. Pinky Paradise lenses are so comfortable- my eyes never felt dry or itchy throughout the night. In fact, they lasted through the sweat and humidity in the club. I'm impressed and happy about the fact that they made me look so much better and enlarged my eyes considerably even though the diameter was only 14.2mm. For people with small eyes like me, I think it's better to get a smaller diameter so it won't look too unnatural.

The lenses also looked extremely natural and no one noticed that I wore lenses, except that everyone complimented on how I looked prettier. I guess the effects of circle lenses works well with makeup and eyeliner! The lenses came in a cute pink case, and is good for 1 year so I will definitely be wearing it again.

EOS New Adult Brown Lens, EOS Brown Lens Review, Pinky Paradise Review,

EOS New Adult Brown Lens, EOS Brown Lens Review, Pinky Paradise Review,

The packaging was absolutely gorgeous, because the lens came in a cute plastic bag with lots of additional goodies such as hair clips, eye masks etc. Inside, there's a mesh bag and the lens are inside. All lenses from the shop come with adorable lens cases, and mine was in the shape of macaroons. So what's good about it? I think the best aspect of these lens are that they have a great enlarging effect and really emphasizes the brown in your eyes. The brown is a light brown color, which makes it stand out even if you have dark eyes. 

Also, it looked great with flash in pictures! I took some pictures without flash and with flash, for comparison below. You can tell that with flash, I look so much more like a Korean who takes lots of selfies with their cute makeup and accessories. Even if you don't have flash or are in a dim light, the lens will be sure to stand out. It would look great for parties! 

Hope you like my review!


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