Thursday, October 4, 2018

My Massive Beauty Haul for 2018!

Ever since starting school, it's been a hectic time of the year. My skin's also been dry and dull, so I decided to get myself a treat- a lot of beauty products! Today I'm going to show you all of the items that I got, and they range from eye creams to facial creams to masks. It's so great to be able to sample such a wide range of products, and hopefully you'll find my reviews useful!

Everything I write is completely honest, so this post contains my original opinions on these products after trying and testing them on my face for a week.

My Beauty Haul 2018- item by item review 

1) Embryolisse Secret De Maquilleurs Eclat du Regard- this gorgeous eye cream is special as it's a compact and little bottle, but contains lots of nutrients and nourishment for your eyes. The makeup artist favourite Dual action beauty and treatment cool stick: eye brightening stick works wonders on even the most sensitive of skins in just minutes; waking up the complexion with its opalescence ties to wake up lethargic eyes and erase sallow skin. a make-up artist's trick for immediatly brightening eyes and a restructuring moisturizing treatment to smooth the contours of the eye. Puffy bags, gritty eyes and heavy lids are instantly deflated & Boosts circulation to reduce dark circles.

2) J.ONE Jelly Pack - this gorgeous, unique jelly-textured formula floods skin with precious moisture while creating a smooth, ‘Velcro’ base for make up – firming, plumping and hydrating with one simple, fuss-free step. It is perfect for the modern working woman, this streamlines your skin care regime while replenishing cells’ reservoirs so your complexion feels quenched and dewy all day long!

3) J.ONE Black Jelly Pack- this is created by a famous korean celebrity, and is an overnight version of Korea’s best-loved Jelly Pack. This Black Jelly Pack replenishes cells’ reservoirs and bolsters skin’s defences while your catch up on sleep. Packed with nourishing, inky-hued ingredients (hence the ‘Black’) to soothe and strengthen, you’ll wake up to plump, luminous skin

4) Age Spot by Swissforce- this new cream by Swissforce is truly brilliant. This serum reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and makes you look a lot younger and brighter. I've been using for my skin and it has made a huge difference in the way my skin looks. It contains anti-aging ingredients and it's perfect for dry sensitive skin like mine.

Hope you like my review!


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