Monday, January 15, 2018

Introducing Houzetek!

Have you ever wanted some high-tech gadgets for your house, but didn't know where to turn? Have you ever wanted a device which can respond to your sounds? Have you ever wanted to buy cheap gadgets for your mother, father, family and friends?

Houzetek is an awesome shop that sells high-tech solutions for your home, work and leisure place. They are very similar to Amazon but have cheaper prices, more products and focuses on high tech solutions for everyone! They are amazing because they sell the highest quality gadgets for the cheapest prices, and I'm extremely happy to introduce them to you today in this short blog post.

The best thing about Houzetek is that they sell products which focus on home security or smart mobility. A bit about the shop- Houzetek offers high tech solutions that make your life simpler and more secure. From entertainment, home security or smart mobility, Houzetek products are innovative, user-friendly and are developed to have a meaningful impact on our customers’ lives. They imagine an automated and connected environment where interacting with technology becomes natural and immediate: where technology is there, always ready to help you.

Houzetek's vision is to become resources, capable of opening a wide range of new possibilities. Minimize efforts, enhance safety, and ensure long-distance control and management of your private space. Imagine, feel, listen and touch the future with Houzetek. Isn't this great? Their website also has many details about what you're going to expect and get with their products.

One of my favourites is the Wireless Automatic Color Weather Station ($79.99)- it is ideal if you want to tell the weather, temperature and humidity in a single gadget. This item can be placed in your home, dorm room, kitchen or bedroom and can make your life so much easier! It's other features include: color forecast icons with comfort level, 3 Channels for optional multiple sensor reading (additional sensors not included), week day display in 7 optional languages, adjustable backlight, integrated USB charging port and various other features.

I also love this IP camera because of it's small size, compact design and beautiful aesthetics. It is one of the smallest webcams that I have ever seen and it looks better than Mac or Apple designs. I love the fact that it has high-tech specifications.

Overall, I'm very excited to share with you this site, and please visit their website and let me know what you think!


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