Sunday, January 14, 2018

Most Comfortable Heels Ever- Shanghai Trends Review

No- I'm not kidding. I've found my favourite shoe shop of 2018 and it's not some high-end shop called Chanel, Gucci or Dolce and Gabanna. The shop that has the most comfortable high heels that I've worn so far is called Shanghai Trends - they're this lovely Asian fashion shop selling all sorts of clothing, pants, accessories and shoes for women. Their range of clothing and accessories are second to none, and the website is updated frequently with new arrivals. 

I've gotten a pair of Black Ankle Boots from their shop before, and I've reviewed it on this blog too. Those boots were one of the most comfortable boots that I've ever worn despite being 3 inches tall. My shoes often hurt me, but these shoes are so comfortable! Today, I got a new pair of nude high heels from Shanghai Trends as I desperately needed a new pair of heels for formal dinners and parties that are coming up this term. I ended up choosing this Crinkled Textile Pointed Toe High Heels

The heels, as you can see, are around 8cm tall, but there's a soft, comfortable platform of 0.5cm. The best thing about Shanghai Trends is that they give you all the information needed to get the right sizes and shoes. I didn't want shoes that were too high as they would hurt, yet I wanted something that looks great with trousers. I styled these heels with white trousers and a white top, and the nude really stands out without looking too overly bold.

As for the quality, the heels are lovely and sturdy. I think that these are one of the most comfortable pair of heels that I've ever worn, especially since it comes with a platform heel which makes the support better. I had to put in insoles though as they didn't have half sizes- this is a bit frustrating since I'm actually a 38.5 UK in terms of shoe size.

Overall, these heels are beautiful and I love the pattern! Shanghai Trends has never let me down, and I really recommend that you check them out!


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