Sunday, January 7, 2018

I want a slimmer tummy! My Shapewear UK Review

Hi girls! Have you ever wanted to slim down without losing weight? Have you ever had problems with a bulging tummy after eating but still want to look good? Shapwear UK has the best selection of shapewear that I've ever seen. They have everything that can solve my problems, and I want to do a little review of a shape wear that I was sent recently.

I was sent this Miraclesuit Nude tummy Waist nipper in Size Small. I'm usually a Size 8 so Small or Extra Small would be great. At first I was skeptical as to whether it would work, as my tummy sometimes bulges after a heavy meal and it's really inconvenient when I'm at a formal event. I had a new year's event recently and decided to try this on for you guys! Scroll down for more pictures and an honest review of what it's like.

shape wear review, shape wear uk, miracle suit review

shape wear review, shape wear uk, miracle suit review

shape wear review, shape wear uk, miracle suit review

Anyway, to my surprise, this waist nipper was perfect because it worked fantastically. I wore it to my New Year's party at the office and it just looked amazing and no one noticed I had anything inside my dress. The most wonderful thing about this waist nipper was that it was inconspicuous and unnoticeable. I don't like people knowing that I'm wearing shape wear as it's rather embarrassing but this one just blends right into your body!

As to the comfort, it is really excellent and I feel light as a feather wearing it. It doesn't weight me down, and I look fantastic and slim in it. I think this is very important, as many shape wear are too tight and makes you unable to breathe! I am glad this isn't the case.

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