Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eternity Diamond Rings And What They Represent


There is nothing more romantic in life, than the gift of a ring, to tell someone that you love them and that you are thinking about them. Traditionally, wedding anniversaries are celebrated by giving certain types of gifts at certain times in the relationship. We are supposed to give a paper object, after just one year, something made from wood for five years, then something created from tin after ten and a China plate or ornament, after twenty years together. This means that going by traditional standards, a person has to wait for the anniversary of them being married for sixty years, before they receive their first diamond.

Modern Couples

Thankfully, modern society has opted not to stick to the wedding anniversary rules for gifts, and now couples can receive or buy gifts that contain precious metals or stones, like the much loved diamond. Receiving a diamond in an eternity ring is a fantastic and beautiful way to celebrate any anniversary, should it be a wedding anniversary, the first time that you fell in love or any other point in a relationship that needs to be celebrated. Buying your first diamond for your partner is a very important time in a relationship and you need to choose the right ring with the right stone, and this is why, a selection of full eternity diamond rings from Serendipity Diamonds is probably the best choice you can make.

When To Buy

Eternity rings are the go to item, when you really want to mark an anniversary and to make it unforgettable for both you and your loved one. Generally, most modern couples choose to buy a diamond eternity ring after their first year anniversary, but some don’t understand why they choose an eternity ring over other types of rings. Well, the eternity ring represents the life of the marriage and is purchased after the engagement ring and the wedding ring, and it is a common tradition to wear the ring on the exact identical finger as that of your engagement and wedding ring.

A New Family

However, eternity rings can be bought at any time. It is very popular in the UK to make such a purchase on the occasion of a birthday, as this too celebrates the passing of time that was shared together. Some couples buy eternity rings together when they experience the birth of their first child, which is a very significant time in their marriage and their relationship. An eternity ring does not always have to be associated with marriage and may mark the time when two became three and a new family was created. Increasingly, more and more couples are renewing their marriage vows and once again, the diamond eternity ring is the chosen symbol that represents this great milestone in the relationship.

A diamond eternity ring is purchased to mark a time in your life that needs to be really celebrated. Some say, that this ring holds the same importance as that of the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Take the time to celebrate a momentous time in your relationship by buying an eternity ring.


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