Thursday, January 25, 2018

Allegra K review

Loving my new outfit from Allegra K a cute little clothing shop which sells a huge range of clothing, tops and shoes. I bought a Suede Skirt, a Denim jacket and Black Flats for a cheap price and it came within around 2 weeks- so shipping was super fast. No major problems here, and the suede skirt was quite good quality. It was heavy and soft, and I liked the lace up front details of the skirt. 

One thing about the denim jacket is that it's quite large- so I had wear extra layers on the inside. I would prefer it to be smaller since I'm a skinny person, but I guess small is better than big isn't it! But what do you think of my outfit? 

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The bad thing about this suede skirt is that it is not lined on the inside, so it's quite hard to wear- I had to make sure that nothing shows from underneath, which was a bit of a hassel. However, once on, it looked fantastic. The quality and everything is excellent and the design of the skirt is so beautiful, so I'm pleased with my order.

The denim jacket is also really well designed- I love the biker style of the jacket, as it suits me really well. They also have it in light blue for those of you who love lighter colors. I adore these biker styled jackets a lot as they're extremely flattering on any body shape, not the least mine.

The shoes are super comfortable too- I have to say, it's a bit hard finding shoes for me as I'm a size 38.5 but their 8.5 fits perfectly! Oh my gosh, they're comfortable and affordable, and I'd buy a billion pairs if I could! I adore the lace up details too- it looks very Korean!

University's starting again- I'm feeling a bit blue so I'm going to wear more nice clothes to cheer myself up. Don't you think clothing makes everything a little bit better? I'm not sure but I hope I do well this year and get into somewhere I want next year! I'm really stressed at the moment, so I hope things get better.

Check out Allegra K and let me know what you think!


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