Friday, October 29, 2021

Skincare Booster Haul- Atomy Absolute Ampoule Review

Here's a mini skincare haul for you. I recently bought this Atomy Absolute CellActive Ampoule, which is a pretty good little skincare booster for dull skin. The item contains "CellActive" ingredients which reduces the speed of ageing and boosts the skin's antioxidant levels. It was developed in Korea, which is the worldwide leader of skincare products. 

I used it on my face for a week and I've noticed that my skin looked brighter, more refined and smoother. It's surprising because I never tried using an ampoule before. It's not something I added to my skincare routine. I've noticed that my skin feels softer and I'm really happy with the results. Also, the ampoule's texture is amazing and smells lovely on my skin.  I think it moisturises my skin while cleaning it, so it's really handy for people with dry skin! 

Overall, I'd highly recommend this beautiful product if you have dull skin and want to try something that can give you that extra boost. 

 Atome Absolute Ampoule Review, Atome Absolute Ampoule cellactive


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