Saturday, October 23, 2021

How I Got A Variegated Monstera - Plants For All Seasons Review

If you're a houseplant enthusiast, you've probably heard about the coveted monstera albo, or the "variegated" monstera plant. I've always loved the beautiful patterns on these gorgeous plants, and today I want to talk about where to get a variegated monstera albo cutting in the UK. I have been eyeing a shop called Plants for All Seasons for a really long time now and I'm so happy to be able to review two cuttings from their lovely shop.

A bit about the shop- Plant for All Seasons sells wonderful houseplants for all seasons. They are an online plant retailer based in the UK, and all of their plants are grown right here in Britain. They have over 16 years of horticultural experience, and they've worked hard to make sure that all of their plants are healthy, high-quality and delivered straight to your doorstep without a single delay. Best of all, their packaging is 100% recyclable so they're a truly sustainable "green" shop! 

Going back to the topic of variegated monsteras, I just want to say that they're notoriously hard to find. The only places that sells these cuttings are Facebook marketplace or etsy, and both places can let you down because you never know what you get on these platforms. Facebook marketplace, for example, is quite hard to use and the quality of cuttings vary as they're usually sold by personal sellers who cut from their own plants at home. I struggled to find reasonably priced monstera albo cuttings too, as many people want crazy prices for these rare plants.

Plants for All Seasons sells a range of variegated monstera cuttings which can be lightly differentiated, or highly differentiated. I got a lovely variegated monstera cutting which was quite differentiated and it arrived in a lovely cardboard box in perfect condition. Take a look below! 

As you can see, the leaf was healthy and in great condition, with wonderful patterns and a very different stem. This means that the plant that grows out of it will have lovely white and green leaves, which was exactly what I wanted. The best thing about Plant for All Seasons is that they packaged their items securely, which means that none of the box was damaged in transit. The plant cuttings that I got were extremely supple and I am currently rooting them in perlite. I also got sent a philodendron tripartitum cutting from their collection and again, it was extremely healthy. Just look at the colour on the leaf! This plant seems huge and I am also rooting it in water. 

What truly stands out about this shop is their affordable prices. Variegated monstera cuttings usually sell for around £80 or £90 in the UK. This shop prices them at around 70 pounds, but you can get a lightly variegated monstera albo cutting for £30, which is incredibly affordable for something as rare as these beautiful plants. They also have great reviews from other shoppers. Many reviewers have said that their monstera albo rooted really quickly, and these positive reviews means that the shop is trustworthy and truly reliable. I, for one, do not really trust Facebook marketplace for buying rare plants, as the quality really varies and you might encounter people trying to scam you off money on these sites. Buying from shops such as Plants for All Seasons is a safer and more reliable way to get a variegated monstera albo cutting for a great price.

Overall, I'm really happy with my cuttings. Wish me luck on rooting these little leaves! 


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