Monday, October 4, 2021

October Femmeluxe Haul (Part 2)

Autumn is finally here and you know what I love about this season? The cozy knits and loungewear you can get in the shops! I am a huge believe in buying things that are affordable yet stylish. No one wants to spend a lot on clothing, especially if they have a limited budget to work with. As a student, my priorities are to spend less, save more and live frugally. However, Femmeluxe is a lovely shop that sells cheap and affordable white dresses and denim shorts as well as a huge variety of jogger sets.  The brand is quite famous and I've been featuring them quite a bit. I want to show you more photos of me wearing my favourite jogger set. 

The item in question is this Grey Marl Cropped Hoodie & High Waisted Jogger Loungewear Set which looks fantastic in the house and outside. The best thing about jogger sets are that they can be worn both indoors and outside, which means that they're offering you a "two for one" type of look. I love how versatile jogger sets are- they are seriously comfortable and can be worn with a thick coat, trainers, or leather jacket. I took some selfies with my sweater because it was just the softest thing ever. I love how it looks on me and I'd definitely recommend checking the shop out, as they have a huge range of colors and looks to choose from. 

The set contains a top this which can be worn with a sports bra during yoga or jogging. It is made from a a strong, gorgeous cotton material that is ideal for yoga and fitness. In terms of the material, the jogger set is absolutely amazing and feels incredibly comfortable. Made with blended cotton and a bit of stretch, this is a super sustainable material. Cotton is soft and doesn't irritate your skin. This means that the fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, sweat-wicking, and biodegradable.

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