Sunday, December 8, 2019

Lensflavours - G&G GBT Brown Lens review-

Finding the perfect coloured contacts is hard. You have to choose the perfect colour for your skin tone, and also it can't be too exaggerated because the lens will look fake and everyone can tell. Luckily enough, my favourite lens shop Lensflavours sells a wide range of coloured lenses which suit every skin tone and hair colour, as well as containing every shape and size you can imagine. 

A few months ago I bought a pair of G&G GBT Brown lens  ($22.90) on their site. It arrived within a week or so, and it came in a beautiful box alongside a pink circle lens case. I eagerly opened it but I only recently had the opportunity to wear them because I had a special party with friends to go to. I'm going to share an honest review with you about what I thought of these lenses.   

The look (5/5) : The lenses had a diameter of 14.0mm, which meant that it was very natural-looking and hardly noticeable from afar. In fact, I chose the smallest diameter available because of the fact that it will look extremely natural yet boost the lightness in my eyes. The effects are that my eyes got a slight enlargement without looking like a doll or an alien. It's perfect for photos and looks great in the light too! If you want a more showy effect, then I'd recommend choosing some other colour or brand, because G&G is known for its natural effect. 

Comfort (4/5): The G&G lenses had a high water content of 38%, which was good because it did not dry my eyes out unlike other types of lenses. I have tried some terrible lenses which stung my eyes and made my eyeballs hurt, and I'm glad that this brand does not have the same problem. Of course, with all lenses, you can't wear them for long. But overall I'm satisfied with the softness of this lens. 

Durability and Price (4/5): The lenses had a 1-year expiry date, so it will last for more than a few times' wear. I'm glad to say that I think it's worth every dollar of the cost, though it is definitely not considered the cheapest of the circle lenses on their site. 

I'm also happy that Lensflavours sell prescription lenses for those with poor eyesight like myself. That way, I can enjoy the perks of wearing circle lenses even though I'm visually disadvantaged. 

Overall, I really recommend Lensflavours as a reliable, affordable circle lens shop. I also love my new G&G GBT Brown lenses as they're natural, comfortable and make my eyes pop out without being overly showy or unnatural. In fact, I got a lot of compliments when I was out, and my friends said I looked extra good that night - though they didn't know why! 


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