Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Earwax Removal in London- Auris Ear Care

Your ears naturally clean themselves, but sometimes the build-up is so great that you need to turn to professional ear cleaning services to sort out the problems. I'd like to introduce you to Auris Ear Care, a specialised 24-hour ear cleaning clinic in London that provides ear wax removal and microsuction services.

Ear wax is something that we don't often talk about, but it actually serves a very important function in the ears. It helps clean and lubricate your ears and has antibacterial properties. However, too much of it can clog your ears, and cause dizziness and hearing problems.

With 10 years of experience in the field, Auris Ear Care provides microsuction services to vacuum out the ear wax. They use the best technology and machines to help clients as they have Carl Zeiss optics and suction units designed and manufactured by DeVilBiss Healthcare, who are pioneers in the manufacture of medical devices for the ear cleaning professionals. This procedure takes around 20 minutes and there is no pain or discomfort involved. This process is great for maintaining your aural hygiene and useful for patients suffering from clogged ears, or who are unable to hear clearly due to ear wax buildup.

Auris Ear Care also provides other services like the removal of foreign objects from the ears, and ear wax removal for people who have had ear surgery. They also accept most GP referrals. They are a 24-hour mobile service, so you can conveniently book appointments at your leisure by phoning 07539 248 324. They are also able to treat patients under 16, which means that children and young persons are welcome at their clinic. 


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