Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 5 Laundry Tips For Cleaning Work Out Clothes

After getting done with your fitness regime, you feel refreshed, energized, and accomplished. But when it comes to putting those sweaty workout clothes in the laundry, sometimes no amount of washing seems to remove the smell from tees and sweatpants. 

Here we have a few tips on getting the smell out of sweat out of your workout clothes.

1. Avoid sitting around with gym clothes on: You gym wear is certainly not just comfortable but those neon colored clothes certainly make you look cute. Obviously, you might find it fun lazying around in them. But wearing your sweaty gym clothes for hours together harbors bacteria, leaving you at risk for infections. Take them off once your done with working out!

2. Hang them Dry after taking them off: Before putting off your gym gear into the laundry basket or into your gym bag, make sure you dry hang them for a while, as soon as you return home from the sweaty workout session. This will do wonders in extending it’s life span.

3. Pre-treat them: Soak them in a mixture of vinegar & water for about 30 minutes before washing. This will keep your gym wear fresh and flunk free!

4. Wash with hot water: Turn your workout clothes inside out before placing them in the washer and use the hottest water that the fabrics can tolerate. 

5. Hang it under the Sun: After washing, rinse and hang them out to dry in the bright sunlight. This helps remove all odors and smells in a natural way.

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Stay fit and happy gymming! 


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