Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Jumpsuit Wishlist 2016 - StyleWe

All I want for Christmas is… Jumpsuits! There's a hot new shop in town and it's called StyleWe.com -  they sell a more high-end sort of clothing (including loads of jumpsuit styles) which gives off a more sophisticated and elegant look. They're definitely not the cute sort of shop, which means that I will definitely be buying from them soon since I'm in need of more clothes. In fact, StyleWe has a lot of cool jumpsuits and playsuits, which means that I've been recently browsing on their site A LOT.

Jumpsuits are a versatile style because they're the easiest way to look stylish without any thinking. Let's face it, we all want to look stylish, and sometimes pairing items in your closet is just…hard. I'm lazy to pair up outfits sometimes. With a jumpsuit (usually longer on the sleeves or the pants) or a playsuit (usually short-sleeved) it's like you can be effortlessly chic in an instant. Your whole outfit is already put together since they're already matching.

The only thing bad about jumpsuits is the fact that taking them off is a hassel- if I had to go to the toilet I'd have to take everything off! But regardless, I think it's worth the trouble, especially if you have a formal event to go to and want to try a jumpsuit for a change instead of dresses.

Here are my top 3 jumpsuits from StyleWe- and ones that I'd love to have for my Christmas stockings!

Check out our Instagram @StyleWe for more cool styles!


  1. Gorgeous wish list!
    Have a lovely day beauty. Xxx

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  3. Great clothes! But I bet they look so great only if you have such thin body as a model. I'm not to big, thought I'm way bigger than the model on photos. She's too thin on my taste. I think that shopping brand should make photos with different kinds of bodies, isn't it? One of my best essays was about this theme, so I know what's I'm talking about


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