Thursday, December 8, 2016

Introducing Bidvine- the fastest way to get services

Ever wanted someone to teach you piano lessons, or clean your house but can't find anyone in a short amount of time? Have no fear- for there's a new platform in town that helps you do just this. Bidvine is a new London-based local services app, which connects customers with the right service providers.

How it works- imagine you need a service like housecleaning, but you just don't want to use classifieds or am too lazy to look around the internet for services. Bidvine allows you to submit a request for services after answering a series of short questions, and then it spins your request out there and let private service providers or individuals submit their price to you. It's a bit like Tinder but for local services instead.

To try it out, I've decided to request for piano lessons in my local area. The user-friendliness of the site is amazing- I simply had to answer a few questions on my preference and what my requirements was, and then a request was submitted to their website. It was simple, quick and efficient. I'm waiting for quotes to arrive, but it updates me as quotes come along via email and even text.

Once matched, all you have to do is contact the professional, and then they match you up and voila- it's all done. They even have recommendations for the other services that they provide, such as interior painting, guitar lessons, wedding DJ, steam cleaning, massage, nutritionist, portrait photography and more. It's a faster way to get services for a cheaper price. You can even review the service online, similar to review systems on Tripadvisor or Airbnb, to make sure the sellers are credible.

I would recommend this service to people who want a quick and efficient way to find services. For students like me who are freshly at university and want someone fast and close by to help me do something, or teach me something, this app is the way to go. It's also sort of fun too, to be receiving quotes and to be able to compare prices from everyone.

Overall, it's a simple and easy to use platform, and quite an innovative one I must say!

Check out Bidvine on their site:


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