Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cellulite Reduction Treatment by Pulse Clinic

For women with cellulite, it can be an uphill battle trying to get past those nasty marks on your skin. I know that I've been cellulite on my thighs for the past few years. I've never been blessed with good skin. They can look horrible, especially if you want a nice bikini body for the summer holidays.

Pulse Light Clinic in London offers a special kind of Cellulite Reduction Treatment that is proven to work.  Their clinic uses a special machine called Vellashape III , which is the only FDA approved machine for cellulite reduction. Their treatment reduces your cellulite, and is completely non-surgical and non- invasive method. This is great for people who are afraid of needles or pain, to be able to contour their body as they wish.

Cellulite is caused by fat clusters in the hypodermis. These fat clusters puff up the skin as they bump up your natural skin. They're excessive and unnecessary, and can add ten pounds to your weight.

Their method is completely safe and effective and can be used on many areas of the body. It is not painful and requires no downtime after the treatments. Cellulite reduction is achieved using infrared light, vacuum and roller massages, combined to reduce the appearance of extra skin. The infrared light heats up the hypodermis (the innermost and thickest layer of your skin) and the radio frequency spreads the heat equally throughout the skin.

Each treatment lasts around 45 minutes - 90 minutes. Almost any area can be treated, including love handles, thighs, bum, tummy and boobs.

Contact Pulse Light Clinic to book in a free consultation and patch-test. 

Telephone: 0207 523 5158


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