Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What to Wear For Clubbing? Review of Amiclubwear

Hey girls! Ever wanted to go clubbing but had NOTHING to wear? Ever struggled about what to wear for a bar or a cocktail party? I'm going clubbing this week since it's fresher's week at my university (and no- I'm not a fresher, I just wanted to join in the fun) and need your help in choosing some dresses to wear. I recently bought 2 club dresses from the best club dress shop ever- Amiclubwear - and I don't know which one is better because both of them are equally high-quality and amazingly flattering! 

The first dress I bought is pink and is from Wow Couture- a famous club wear brand which sells body con dresses. I first knew about it on ASOS, but Amiclubwear sources their dresses from only the biggest stockists. I'm sure this is the reason why the dress is so high-quality- it is worth around $54.99 but Amiclubwear often does sales and when I bought it, it only cost me $19.99! 

Apart from the cheap prices, their dresses also look super flattering. I tried it on and was so happy that it makes my arms look skinnier since the neckline is just… perfect. The dress is also backless, so it adds an extra dimension of sexiness. For clubs, I think it's good to look slightly sexy even if it's not your usual style. Everyone will only see each other's silhouettes anyway. The dark also means that everyone's just a bit more daring, so you can try more revealing or seductive styles without shame. 

The second dress I bought is a black lace one, again from Wow Couture. Again, it was on sale when I bought it so it is affordable for students and young professionals alike for a special club night. As for the dress, it was beautifully made and looks so flattering on my body. I swear, these body con dresses all look fantastic as they hug your curves at the right places. 

I love how my lace dress has twin straps in the edge. Amiclubwear specialises in different club dresses, so they have a wide range of lace and black dresses. You can filter results using the sidebar, which makes their website super easy to use. I wanted something more mature and sexy, so I chose this black lace dress since I love the detail and pattern. 

There are no bad things about this Lace dress at all- it's super flattering on my body shape, plus it looks sexy and seductive without looking too overly-exposed. I'm so in love with the two-toned pattern of this dress. Wow Couture never fails to disappoint me, and this dress is really, really high quality. I'm not kidding- you have to order it and see what I mean. It looks so good on me as it's slimming and also just the right length.

I'm so happy with my purchases from - they're actually the BEST clubbing and nightlife outfit shop in the internet in my opinion. I have nothing bad to say about this shop- shipping was spot on, customer service was friendly and nice, and everything was fine with my order.

No wonder they're featured in Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan and People- they're such a great shop. If you ever need club dresses, you can't miss Amiclubwear's selection.

Help me: Which dress do you like more? 


  1. i love the first dress , you look gorgeous in it.

  2. These are both gorgeous. I personally love the pink dress. The details are just lovely!

  3. You look good in both these dresses! This pink one is very sexy, and this lace dress is very romantic :)


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